#OldSchoolFriday From @ArthurMesa - Batman Long Toonami Promo

#OldSchoolFriday From @ArthurMesa – Batman Long Toonami Promo

On the heels of Beware the Batman coming to Toonami, this week’s Old School Friday promo just makes sense. From Arthur Mesa, comes this long promo from back in the day from for Batman: The Animated Series. Here is what Arthur like this promo:

When I saw this promo I was so excited to see the Dark Knight on Toonami. This was my favorite batman animated series. I just thought this would also be…

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Toonami Faithful Podcast #92 - Colossal Delay

We’re late. No reason I can give. Attack On Titan is coming though! So is Beware The Batman! But we don’t talk about that. We do put in a little music to acknowledge it though!

00:00 – Intro
01:16 – News
13:38 – Topic Of The Week
41:54 – Ending (short show this week)
DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions of the participants of this podcast are not the views of ToonamiFaithful.Com or it’s affiliates,…

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#BewareTheBatman is Coming to Toonami

#BewareTheBatman is Coming to Toonami

If one new show wasn’t enough, then Toonami has another one for you. Beware The Batman is coming to Toonami starting May 10 at 3 AM. Now while some may say “WHY” we need to yet again explain that this is one of the few American action cartoons out there and it seems that while they still have the rights, Toonami snatched them up for Cartoon Network to play the series. Remember folks: Toonami is…

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Toonami Ratings For April 12th, 2014

Toonami Ratings For April 12th, 2014


Saturday night’s anime programming block TOONAMI presentations of Bleach (12 a.m.) ranked #1 in its time period among adult 18-24 & 18-34 and all targeted male demos, while Naruto (12:30 a.m.) ranked #1 in its time period among all targeted men 18-34, 18-49 & 18-24. One Piece (1 a.m.) and Black Lagoon (2 a.m.) also ranked #1 in their respective time period men 18-34 & 18-49. Blue Exorcist (1:30…

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One Million is Not Everything

One Million is Not Everything

I want to stress something to the readers of the rating dumps here, the forum posters, the podcast listeners and anyone else who takes the time to analyze the P2+ ratings for Toonami every week. While it is nice to have a peek into how the shows on Toonami are doing against the rest of Adult Swim and shows on other cable networks, which is something we did not have for many years, seeing those…

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I understand your reasoning, but wouldn't the correct answer simply be to remove the comments that don't follow the code of conduct. Why axe the system all together when it give people options?

We’re not axing the system all together. We are removing the methods these trolls are using to troll the site. Everyone that posts responsibly will still be able to just not the abusers.

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