Toonami Faithful Podcast #106 - Believe in the Podcast that Believe in You!

Toonami Faithful Podcast #106 – Believe in the Podcast that Believe in You!

We read your Aniplex wish lists and discuss the arrival of Gurren Lagann along with our Space Dandy and Attack on Titan recaps and some miscellaneous viewer mail.

00:00 – Intro
06:47 – Space Dandy Recap
26:53 – Toonami News
46:51 – Attack on Titan Recap
58:25 – Your Aniplex Requests
01:12:18 – Sign-Off

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions of the participants of this podcast are not the views of…

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Toonami Ratings For July 19th, 2014

Toonami Ratings For July 19th, 2014


On Saturday night during the TOONAMI block (11:30 p.m.-3:30 a.m.), Bleach (12 a.m.) and Blue Exorcist (2 a.m.) both ranked #1 in their respective time periods among men 18-24Black Lagoon (2:30 a.m.) ranked #1 in its time period among adults 18-24 and all targeted male demosSpace Dandy (12:30 a.m.) ranked #1 in its timeslot among men 18-24/18-34, while One Piece (1:30 a.m.) ranked #1 among…

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#CowboyBebop Returns and New Schedule Starting 7/26/14

#CowboyBebop Returns and New Schedule Starting 7/26/14

Cowboy Bebop has returned and starting this Saturday, you can see it once again. Along with that, there are some other schedule changes. Here is the new schedule starting this week:

7/26 Line Up

Attack on Titan – 11:30p

Bleach – 12:00a

Space Dandy World Premiere – 12:30a

Naruto: Shippuden – 1:00a

One Piece – 1:30a

Blue Exorcist – 2:00a

Beware the Batman – 2:30a

Black Lagoon – 3:00a

Uncut Naruto –…

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Toonami Trending Rundown for July 19-20, 2014

Toonami Trending Rundown for July 19-20, 2014

July 19-20, 2014 Image

July 19-20, 2014 US

July 19-20, 2014 WW

July 19-20, 2014 PA

July 19-20, 2014 TM

“I can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic after 5 years of absence. The nightless island, Enies Lobby.”

-          Rob Lucci, One Piece (Episode 263)

The Toonami Trending Rundown for July 19-20, 2014. Rough night for trending, but Toonami was able to get some social media buzz of it’s own as Space Dandy, Blue Exorcist, Black Lagoon, FMA Brotherhood trended in the US, Samurai Jack trended…

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Thanks Guys For The Follow, But We Are Not Toonami

As per usual, we get a lot of followers after Toonami has a Q&A on TV. Don’t get us wrong, we love it, but we are just the fan site If you want to follow Toonami, go to We hope you stay as we will be bringing you all the Toonami content and related stories here as well as on our website Thanks again for the follow.

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